Strategy Reflection for Business Owners

This is a service for business owners and entrepreneurs who primarily value a thinking partner to tackle the various challenges coming their way which each on their own are too small to deserve a consulting assignment, but in their combination merit solid consideration, ideally paired with an outside perspective from an experienced partner, to determine which course of action is best suited to the current needs and situation of the business owner. 

These sessions are also appreciated by owners whose companies have seen significant growth over the past year, which has yet to be fully reflected in the structures and management styles of key team members and/or family members: While people are still coping, they are largely getting things done by using the skills sets and management style that were adapted to previous phases of the company, and are now reaching their limits.

Not only the owner(s) realize that, to advance their business - and especially, in order to start doing less themselves - they need to update the skills sets of several people in the top team. For best results with a minimum of effort and also cost, they want to start at the top. While goals usually include being able to refocus on the priorities of their role, and experience the relief of delegating more to an increasingly competent circle of managerial staff, they may go well beyond these.

Sample Testimonials

If you are a business owner, please request my extensive brochure featuring a detailed benefit-oriented letter and a questionnaire to help determine if my services could be a good match for your current needs. To prepare for a first meeting, I also recommend to browse my ebook "Professional Coaching" which I am also happy to send you.