An Edge for YOU

Top managers and business owners have to thrive in a turbulent and ever-changing environment. They enjoy the impact they have on how and what their companies are doing. They live in an interesting contrast, however: on one hand they are highly valued and generously remunerated, on the other they face extreme scrutiny, pressure and competition, both external and internal.

It rests on their shoulders to ensure maintaining their edge and the competitive advantage of their company. They need to keep in optimal shape in order to position themselves and apply their insight, perspective, and focus. Although most managers would acknowledge that, they don’t always make active use of what will keep them in optimum condition. This is often simply due to having no clear idea of who to turn to for an agile, invigorating and insightful exchange with no hidden agenda.

I have 16 years of experience with top managers behind my claim that most clients had a very different understanding of the proposition of coaching than what they found in our relationship: a real edge in uncovering creative, unexpectedly effective solutions. The biggest surprise was that they started experiencing more energy and focus in their lives after just a couple of sessions.

This type of claim is best made by real clients, as testimonials speak the loudest. If you have browsed the stories on my homepage (all pictures are clickable and reveal a client's case), you might wish to continue by meeting some of the people behind these stories. The first step to do that is to have a look at my Linkedin references. Their authors are usually willing to share more information in person, and I will gladly put you in touch.

For a in-depth introduction into coaching in general as well as my way of working, read my 28-page ebook The Proposition of Professional Coaching (4-page glimpse here). If you are a senior manager or business owner, it's yours free for the asking.

And then perhaps it is time to see what "an edge for you" can mean in your personal situation. Here is how to take the next step.

I'd also like to mention my blog for people who are on a corporate path, but don't want to compromise on who they are; to find out more, just click on the picture below.

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