Executive Team Strategy Day

If you are looking for ways to improve follow-through in your team, set up better structures, introduce new players or simply want to make things work more effectively, you know that just "sharing information" won't do the trick. You realize that for lasting transformation and change, people need to connect at a deeper level. For this, it is very helpful if you uncover the real motivation of each team member.

That is high-level information that isn't easily accessible - and, unfortunately, cannot be asked for in a questionnaire. It requires careful screening in an insightful, in-depth conversation, and an atmosphere of trust.

But even if you cannot make people say the things you and others need to know, with my experience, I can make them see the benefit of doing so – and what is more, encourage them to then bring these things up in a special team day.

Sample Testimonial

Reenergizing your top team has three steps

1.  Meetings and Evaluation - Individual meetings with all members of your top team 

2.  Team Day - Team day around the most topical issues on everybody's mind

3.  Follow-up Meetings and Top Management Coaching - individual meetings and/
     or coaching of CEO 

     Step 3 is optional but highly recommended in order to make sure individual
     initiatives are implemented for the benefit of others in the organisation, and
     especially for renewed energy in the team.

Have a look at this client testimonial (in French or Czech). If you are interested to receive the full brochure on this topic (for HR managers and general managers), simply contact me at +49 178 975 1597, or +420 603 151 550.