"So when do people contact you? I mean, do they just wake up one morning and say 'I need a coach'?” 

Well, no. Actually, most of my clients had no clear idea what difference working with me could make for them. But they had heard from a friend or business associate they respected about their work with me, and were curious to find out more. And obviously, they wanted something to be different – and better.

Read for yourself what they have experienced:

If you'd like to speak to one of the authors of these quotes, please contact me. This can usually be arranged. Alternatively, have a look at what some of my clients share on LinkedIn about our work together. If you are a contact of mine, you can access the profiles of the authors as well.

And then I invite you to take a couple of hours out of your schedule for a lunch with me. That's the best way to get a first idea of what you stand to gain. No strings attached – other than that you do risk wanting to work with me...