HR- Managing a Coaching Budget?

  • Are you looking for ways to provide tangible support for your most important and performant managers?
  • Do senior people want to develop their skills but have outgrown prefabricated seminars and workshops?
  • Would your management team benefit from re-focusing on their key contribution and role?
  • Do managers feel sandwiched between expectations?

Your best people can reach the results they -and you- need much faster by working with me. Tangible results begin to emerge after just a few months. If your company is willing to support managers with a goal-oriented, tailored coaching programme that helps them succeed, I have a special offer for you:

I am happy to come in for a free 2-3 hour workshop during which everybody can get a basic understanding of coaching, and address any questions and concerns they may have. This offer includes 30 minute individual sessions immediately following the workshop, with people who are interested in proceeding. Sessions can be in any of my working languages.

And if your company is facing a serious change project, a merger, or a new GM recently took over, have a look at my Top Team offer here.

Satisfied clients say:
“I was very sceptical when I heard that we were having yet another “expert” on management over for a workshop. I have never been so impressed by a consultant before, and – just like everyone else who attended from our top management team – wanted to work with her.”

“When I first saw your brochure, I knew this was just what our company needed after our merger.  I’m so glad I called you in before we lost the momentum.”