Sample Testimonials

Make team management a pleasure rather than a frustration:
After relocating to the Czech Republic I found myself micromanaging absolutely everything. I was frustrated with my team and myself and really wanted my old team back. But I also knew that this was going to be impossible and I would have to cope with the situation the best I could. Discussing the triggers of my behaviour with Annette made me see ways to communicate more clearly, and stop acting on misread cues from the team. This made a world of a difference, and not just to me, but to my team members as well, who are now more productive and more satisfied.  -- CEO, 43, Manufacturing

Stop digging a hole for yourself:
After a year as an expat I had problems making myself heard in our management team, started resenting the mentality, and would just see the negatives in everything. All I wanted was quit my job and go back to Germany… This was when my boss suggested seeing a coach. I had never thought about coaching in my life, but it couldn’t get worse, so I accepted. Right after the first session I felt a lot better. I confidently started implementing my new insights into everyday work. These small changes produced amazing results that intensified over the next sessions. After a few weeks everybody, even my boss, started behaving differently, which was just their reaction to my different behaviour. I am no longer anxious about management meetings, I understand my colleagues better and our collaboration is much more constructive. I also learned to switch off and focus on things outside work. Annette has helped me to take new directions, be more positive and come to grips with the negative aspects of my job (that any job holds). This just isn’t possible to do by yourself! I can only recommend Annette to anybody who is willing to work on themselves. I feel really at ease in my job now.  -- Marketing director, 42, FMCG