Talk with someone who really "gets" the challenges and pressures you face

- Rising to the managerial challenges of a new role. - Transitioning to the CEO/GM position. - Energising your top team for challenges ahead. - Reconnecting with your drive and energy. - Deescalating toxic relationships. - Revamping or reorienting the company. - Being effective in a culturally diverse team. - Taking care of succession issues. 

Whatever the challenge dominating your life at the moment, you know it’s hard to read the label from inside the bottle. You're looking for a partner on a par with you who will offer insightful challenges to your thinking, carefully distilled to serve your needs. You want a coach who “gets“ your situation in all its complexity. You want insights that allow you to go straight to the core of the matter.

This is why I've developed services that address specific issues and milestones in the lives of business owners, senior managers, and companies. The product of 15+ years of intensive dialogue with top executives from a variety of positions, industries, and cultures, these services have been proven to give others in your position the edge they need to coast through.

The following bullets can give you pointers as to where to start our discussion. Any project will be tailored to your specific needs.

For corporations and senior managers

For business owners and SMEs:

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