Sample Testimonials

Solve self-motivation issues before they harm your performance: 
Hardly a day went by that I didn’t find myself wishing I hadn’t let go of my lower pay, lower status job that I’d loved so much, in exchange for this new high profile job with lots of benefits that was still somehow making me miserable. Working with Annette allowed me to understand my new position much better, as I learned to embrace the new responsibilities and actively use my new powers to help the company reach its goals and advance my career even further. What a world of difference that made, both at the office and in my private life!  -- R+D director, 42, heavy machinery

Get the most out of your people: 
I had always believed the key to better results from my people was in the pay structures. After having worked with Annette for a few months, I realized that the key to my team's performance was in my management style. Looking back, it was interesting how much of an impact a few quite simple changes had. I must admit I had no idea I could still develop so much as an adult.  -- Key account, 36, FMCG

Effortlessly transform dead weight into top performers
I used to wonder why one of my direct reports refused to understand me, and began thinking that maybe he either wasn't all that committed to my goals, had a short attention span or just wasn’t interested. Through working with Annette, I quickly realized that I had been almost expecting him to read my mind. In fact, I had never really sat down and told him why my priorities differed from his. This was surprisingly easy to do: in just a few hours over two months I filled him in on what he was missing, and he rewarded me with top performance. An investment that has paid off really handsomely, and allowed me to finally fully focus on my own priorities.  -- Key account manager, 38, insurance

Communicate exactly what you need:
I still remember how frustrated I got in the old days when people would call me up almost every time I had sent them an e-mail because they had no idea what I expected them to do. My messages weren’t clear and it resulted in wasted time, energy and productivity. Something really clicked as a result of one session with Annette. In just 4 months, I changed my communication style, regained credibility, and am now more respected by the entire management team than ever before.    -- Project manager, 32, telcon

Do the right things:
When I first met you I was so stressed out that I'd sit in the car for half an hour in front of the house after work, before I'd go inside. I just didn’t have any energy left to deal with even the smallest issues. I felt like I was giving the company my all, and it still wasn’t enough. We had serious problems on so many fronts, with clients, suppliers, and ever more pressure from the board and HQ. I couldn’t sleep at night, and realized that I was well on my way to burnout. What I didn’t know was what to do differently to get back on track! With you, I discovered ways to save and replenish energy in ways that didn’t harm my performance, quite on the contrary. And I connected again to why this was what I wanted to do. The turnaround was taking a whole week off, without ever checking my email. I even left my Blackberry at the office! Only two people in the company had permission to call me on my wife’s mobile, and the greatest thing was that they never did. Today, some people would still say I work too much. But I love what I do, now that I feel back in the driver’s seat - and even my wife acknowledges the change.        -- Project manager, 38, construction

Get on top of things again: 
After my Ph.D. I was leading a small team of engineers and researchers. The job sounded great in theory, but in practice I found myself with a bunch of individuals who weren‘t much concerned the fact we were supposed to deliver results in an efficient way. The scientists had their pet projects, and I started resenting them doing only what they wanted. As a consequence, I started to micro-manage. This made matters worse, for now they were all completely disengaged. At that point, my boss suggested coaching to support me. I still remember how you made me listen to myself from their perspective..., Even I could see that I wasn‘t nearly as compelling as I had expected. Over the months, I learned to communicate my expectations more clearly, encouraged feedback, and finally started getting through to them. Improvements were still slow for my taste, but you helped me move through my frustra­tion, and I eventually I got the results I needed, with the same team. Today, I manage the entire R&D department. Even being offered that position was clearly a result of our sessions.  -- R&D Manager, 38, manufacturing