Sample Testimonials

Make your boss see your value:
I was always so busy being the 24/7 service point for all my managers that I of course had zero time for my own agenda. When my bosses changed at HQ, this nearly cost me my job as COO... except that when I was really under pressure, I started working with you!  And now, a couple of years later, I a became the company’s first female CEO.   -- CEO, 44, machinery

Get an unbiased perspective of your strengths and weaknesses:
When I was new in my first board position, I wanted an independent opinion on my strengths and weaknesses. It was obviously unthinkable to ask anyone in the company. Still, I wanted to avoid pitfalls that were visible to someone who came with a bipartisan perspective, and was untainted by office politics. That’s when I discovered Annette Reissfelder, who analysed my situation with me, and not only helped me make the most of my strengths, but also gave me valuable input that allowed me let go of some weaknesses. Thanks to this collaboration I developed completely new angles in terms of my contribution to the company, clarified my key priorities and made serious progress in discovering my natural management style. The benefits for my company and myself I consider invaluable. Personally, I rate Annette Reissfelder as the most able management and leadership consultant I have had the opportunity to collaborate with in my career, and I of course intend to continue in this cooperation.  -- Board member, 36, utility

Understand exactly how to succeed in your company
When I came into the organisation in a very high-profile job by direct appointment of the director of the board, I of course wanted to impress everybody. It was difficult for me to see that everybody else's expertise, business understanding and work values were completely different – all of which made it impossible for them to even acknowledge, let alone value, my contribution. At the same time, I wasn’t just going to give up on my plans. Working with Annette made me realize that I didn’t have to, but just started to go about them a little differently. The results have been remarkable. I’m on track, focused and extremely motivated for positive outcomes.  -- Marketing manager, 41, Manufacturing

Find out what's limiting your team- it could be 'you':
I always believed that as a woman so high up the company's ranks, I had to be more competent than any of the other managers. Only when Annette helped me to realize how this influenced my behaviour in counter-productive ways, could I begin to challenge this belief and replace it with one that works much better for me now. She also helped me to understand that I will always be very driven, but at the end of the day, it's my team that will make the difference. As a result, my team has benefited a lot from my new composure. Even my regional manager has noticed the change in my department, and is now suggesting me as a candidate to replace our GM in a year.   -- Controlling manager, 48, property developer

Simply great:
Every person gets to a point in their private and professional life where, having achieved their goals, they need to decide how to move on- and look for new ways to improve and grow as a person. After more than twenty years in the manufacturing sector at various levels of management, this time came for me last year. During our seven-month program, we focused on a variety of topics, including  analyzing and managing expectations, managing emotions, self-management, objectivity versus viability, goal achievement techniques, as well as many other issues. Our collaboration met all my expectations and significantly contributed to an increase in my personal effectiveness.
Therefore, I will continue to work with Annette next year.  -- Plant manager, 41, FMCG